• A new kind of temp

    At Apple we have successfully used the services of Teacup to accelerate projects or to ensure regular services without the commitment of having someone in place full time. Often we only need say an hour a day for 3 months or 8-days of intensive work and we have found the skills offered by Teacup to do well in these circumstances. In many cases we do not even require the person to be present in our offices. Fast, flexible, reliable.

    Chris Broad

    Director, Apple Europe Ltd

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  • Teacup services are now essential to my business. In a fast-paced environment you need the complete assurance of speed, follow up and self-directed follow through. This is what sets this company apart and in a field of its own.

    Susie Hollands

    Founder & CEO, Vingt Paris

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  • I caught some facetime with Duda to talk through some challenges I was facing with my workload and habits. Duda listens directly to what you’re saying, but also provides a deep level of insight into the issues that aren’t immediately forthcoming. This benefitted me greatly, as I’d struggled to get past a certain point up until then. With Duda’s help, I’ve managed to create a new set of working habits and practices that have boosted my productivity immeasurably.

    Throughout the meeting, Duda was understanding of my viewpoint and very relatable. Duda’s experience in business was particularly appreciated, as it’s especially comforting to receive advice from someone who can sympathise with the day-to-day tasks that can prove most troublesome. Finally, I’ve received great aftercare, with Duda regularly checking in to see how the new practices are working out for me. These follow-ups have provided me with boosts and reminders, which have maintained the progress made during our initial meeting.


    Terrible Movement

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  • Duda
    Thank you so much for all of your efforts to make this transition to the UK as smooth as possible for our employees. We really appreciate it.

    Yomari Information Services

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