You’re running a business. And you’re busy. Too busy.
Your to do list is never ending.
Your business doesn’t grow as fast as you deserve.
You spend time on admin when you should be doing your job.
You do all by yourself. But you know you need help.NO MAN IS AN ISLAND. THE SAME APPLIES TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

Few more things we know about you is that you are:

  • Smart & modern.
  • A forward thinking achiever wanting things done.
  • You seek reliability & results.
  • You want to do your job & enjoy your business watching it grow.
  • You know you can’t grow without an assistant that is as clever as you.
US: With Teacup on your side you get a new kind of PAs:

  • Fast results & getting things done.
  • Reliable PA’s working under Duda, the business owner who cares for you as a fellow entrepreneur.
  • Proactive Initiative that looks after your business interest short & long term vs. non-motivated PA’s waiting for you to manage her/him.
  • Resourceful, loyal, flexible, emphatic & problem solving team behind you.
  • Advice on productive but healthy lifestyle, clarity & priorities in place.