Are you looking for support to run your business? Is it getting all too much and you need to outsource certain things?

You’re in the right place. Check out our video below on who we are and how we can best support you grow your business.

Our journey started in 2009 and today we have a long list of clients globally which has included Apple, Fidelity, CEO’s of major fashion brands, celebrities and sports personalities but our favourite one is you – the entrepreneur.

We are not the usual virtual assistant. We are entrepreneurs ourselves who will always know what it feels like to run a business and who will support with that experience in mind, no matter what task we do for you.

We have experience of automating business operations, which allows you to focus on your main selling service and we take care of the rest. All the nitty-gritty stuff that stands in your way in terms of time or mojo!

We believe that you can only succeed in business if you delegate effectively and focus on your strengths.

Another good thing about us is that our team don’t need to be managed and we focus on delivering a high-quality result in the most effective manner. The result is a very efficiently run business and the level of your joy and success reaches new heights!


  • Coaching on your entrepreneurial mindset (this is a huge obstacle for many entrepreneurs!)
  • Hands-on guidance on time management, business cash-flow management, strategy planning
  • All stuff online (web design, web management, social media management, e-marketing management, invoicing systems etc.)
  • Problem-solving (we are incredibly resourceful, fast and accurate)
  • Other areas that you might want to discuss and see if we can help

Our entire team earned degrees in various fields and have expertise across a number of industries (finance, science, marketing, humanity, journalism, coaching, sales, events, IT… you name it)

Just get in touch with us for our free chat. You talk. We listen. And we find the best way to move you towards your goal as painless and effective as possible.


e: team@teacup-ltd.com
m: +61 402 710 788 / m: +44 790 4858 999