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How To Be Productive

Running a business is a ‘full on’ way of living. We found our passion and set out, conquering the ocean of our ambitions. Each day we do our very best. We stretch all our comfort zones and crack on with things that the ‘9-5 crowd’ would never get. Yet, time seems to be our worst enemy when it comes to our own success. We chase our tails endlessly and accept the ‘exhaustion’ of our minds and bodies as part of…

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How To Find A Great Assistant

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” ~ Steve Jobs   You might not be Apple Inc. but you are running a business. Your job as an entrepreneur is to contribute to the world with your talent. Another job of yours, in order to succeed in that quest, is to surround yourself with people that can help you with that, using their own talents. That’s where many small business owners…

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How To Get Systems For Online Business

Without systems and processes in your business, you’re a dinosaur and your competition will win! I’m sure you are good at what you do, your occupation and have an organised process that will enable you to give your customers all the attention they need. But in order to grow your customer base, using e-marketing, social media and other online platforms, your business needs more than your talent. It needs systems. Having a website and a social media page won’t take…

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I Had the Privilege to Earn 6 Figures Traveling the World

In this article, Duda shares her story on how she built her business from scratch to earning over 6 figures, while traveling the world.
If you are struggling with motivation or productivity, then this article is for you. See how Duda uses delegation and a focus on core business skills to achieve her objectives.

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