“Great things in business are never done by one person.
They’re done by a team of people.” ~ Steve Jobs


You might not be Apple Inc. but you are running a business. Your job as an entrepreneur is to contribute to the world with your talent. Another job of yours, in order to succeed in that quest, is to surround yourself with people that can help you with that, using their own talents.

That’s where many small business owners fail. They are stuck in a poor mindset, focusing on the money they don’t have to pay someone to help. And as a result of that, they always stay within their own limits.

I speak with many entrepreneurs, some are successful and some come with the excuse of ‘needing more sales in before they can get help’.

That’s the upside-down approach. A limiting belief that will cost you years of work and little sales due to you getting stuck behind your desk, working on admin and systems you don’t really understand instead of shining with what you’re all about and attracting clients.

People you surround yourself with will undoubtedly have an impact on your business. As a business owner, I started with no home and barely any money, but I’ve built a 6-figure business in just 2 years. My business today has 3 full-time assistants and 3 contractors with the additional expert on my team whenever I expand.

If you surround yourself with only yourself to help you out, that is the only resource you’ll ever get.

Can you do everything? Have you got all the skills?

I very much doubt.

The first step for any business owner is to find an assistant that will handle all the things you don’t need to spend your time and energy on.  In that way, you can focus where your talent lies.

So that you don’t end up neglecting your paying clients, hire an assistant.

Now, what kind of VA to hire?

Think of that person as your partner. Would she/he need to be reliable? Would you prefer to NOT micromanage that person? And would you like that person take initiative so that you can focus on your vision, strategies, and revenue?

Ask yourself, what is this worth to me? What am I paying for?

A great assistant is a committed, motivated, talented, enthusiastic all rounder that gets you and cares for your success, as it will also bring her/him a great work experience. It’s a win-win game.

Many entrepreneurs sadly go very cheap. They hire assistants in the 3rd world countries for $1-7 an hour and expect someone with the same mindset and motivation as them.

A real game changer thinks long-term. Be that person.

The result of having a great VA that doesn’t undervalue herself /himself and works for a very low hourly rate is this:

  • You have a committed and enthusiastic assistant
  • Your assistant is passionate about your business success and comes up with initiative that moves you forward to your goals
  • You don’t waste any time on micro-managing or checking on them
  • Your assistant stays with you for years, you don’t hire and fire every few months, starting all over each time with the new de-motivated person
  • You prove to yourself that you are serious about your business and are not just a self-employed person pretending to be an entrepreneur
  • You get to focus on where you’re best at & delegate your weaknesses or time-eating tasks that can be done by someone else
  • Your revenue grows and in no time, your business exploded
  • You’ve got more time and sanity to enjoy your life, instead of living in constant exhaustion

I truly hope this has inspired you to find yourself the best possible assistant there is. They’re worth gold!

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And if you think we can be the right assistants for your business, we’re happy to hear about your passion and your business anytime.