Without systems and processes in your business, you’re a dinosaur and your competition will win!

I’m sure you are good at what you do, your occupation and have an organised process that will enable you to give your customers all the attention they need.

But in order to grow your customer base, using e-marketing, social media and other online platforms, your business needs more than your talent. It needs systems.

Having a website and a social media page won’t take you very far. It is what is built and managed behind them that will.

Think of the person you follow each week. They have a great website and a pop-up window to which you subscribe. You receive a welcome email from them with really valuable content. You like them. Next week they email you again and you devotedly read the weekly emails. Each email has some call to actions and special offers. They are also funny and you start watching their videos on YouTube.

Soon enough, you share their videos and Facebook posts with your friends. They appear on articles you read, they are in Social media they’re everywhere!

And then you buy their product. And they are even more perfect. The payment page was so easy to navigate.

You get emails into your inbox straight away, you open the online course you’ve bought and are amazed at the program.

After you completed the program they give you an offer to get their book for 70% discount and of course, why not?

Now, think with your business hat on, what are they doing in the background to be everywhere?

Exactly, they’ve got a great sales funnel.

And if you’re not doing something similar, in all honesty, what are your chances to match up to that success?

I’ve built these systems for two of my businesses. I started my first online business in 2009 and since then I made sure to automate whatever I could, on the go. My budget back then was below zero.

Today, my business also builds these for our customers and this keeps us up to date with the ever-changing sales funnel landscape.

In this video, I talk about the systems a little bit more in details.


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